Laugh and the Family Laughs With You

Injecting a sense of humor into everyday tasks threw my family off just enough so that before they realized it, my goals were accomplished and happiness prevailed.

When Big A* was too young to get a job, but old enough to become a consumer, I would say “Go check the frig!” There, he would find jobs posted, along with details and the fee paid:

  • “Go Where No Man has Gone Before”: vacuum under the sofa cushions.
  • “Wanted: Mountain Climbing Experience”: use step ladder to dust book shelves.
  • “Spa Day for Legos”: fill up bath tub with bubbles, wash Legos, dry on towels.
  • “Shoe Biz”: polish our shoes.

To lift spirits in the morning, I created the shower note. On special occasions, the event was immortalized (until the water was turned on) on the shower wall, spelled out in shaving cream.

Once, when houseguests were almost upon us, I had to think quickly as to how to get the ceiling repaired. Mr. Wiz* kept procrastinating. Rather than nag (also can be effective, just takes longer), I wrote a poem and left it on his dresser:
If you want to get that feeling
That will really leave you reeling
And you know with whom you’re dealing
Come on, and fix that ceiling!

Ten minutes later, I heard Mr. Wiz chuckle and then noticed him brush the dust off his tool kit and get to work.

After that, I was a one-woman comedy show, introducing new material with abandon: serving hot dog shaped hamburgers in hot dog rolls, leaving notes on bananas. You never knew what to expect next. I was Lucille Ball meets Martha Stewart and we were a laughing, well-oiled machine.

It’s a busy world out there and your to-do list is not going anywhere, so loosen up, uncover your sense of humor and take your show on the road.

*Who’s who? See “Cast of Characters” on the “About” page.

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