Three Strikes: A Good Measure of Tolerance

There is a 3 strikes law for repeat offenders. A baseball batter receives 3 strikes during his time at bat, which then leads to an “out”. I didn’t make up the rules, I’ve just adopted them for my own use.

When you are trying to make a decision as to how to handle a situation, don’t agonize over it. Use the 3 strikes rule. Rather than accepting the same outcome over and over again, this provides you with a measure to use as a guide. Feel free to share your credo or keep it to yourself, whichever seems appropriate:

  • If your child is doing something unacceptable, explain what they are doing and what they need to do to rectify the situation. Tell them they have 1 strike against them and that 3 for the same issue will result in some type of penalty. This gives them a chance to work to wipe the slate clean and lets them know where they stand.
  • If your partner is doing something that is getting on your nerves.
  • If a friend keeps standing you up at the last minute when you make plans together.
  • If you experience long waits in the waiting room of any professionals that you make an appointment with.
  • If recent conversations with your boss or co-worker are confusing to you as to your relationship and where you stand with them.

Using this philosophy to determine how long you intend to accept a situation will help you to finalize issues; no repeat offenders, no lingering at bat!


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