Lessons From Within

You are never alone. Inside you is your special, individual self that craves your attention. Try taking the time to cultivate that relationship. Take 10 minutes a day and turn yourself “inside out”:

  1. What makes you tick? Find a quiet spot and think about who you are, where you are in your life, your goals and your dreams.
  2. Who are you? Look in the mirror and really see yourself.
  3. Entertain yourself. Plan little treats to look forward to.
  4. Negotiate with yourself. Plan your day so that you accomplish your goals with a bit of fun mixed in.
  5. When you are alone, talk to yourself out loud; tell yourself “You are looking good!” or “It’s going to be a great day!.”
  6. Like yourself. Try not to put yourself down. Think about what makes you special, what makes you, you.

Being comfortable spending time alone, does not make you a loner. It enhances your vision of who and what you are and helps you to reconnect with yourself. If we can learn to enjoy our own company, we are free to be more independent.

How are some women able to make the decision to start their own business, move to a foreign country or become a single mom? They have the power of that special relationship, the one that will never let them down. They have learned how to be their own best friend. Looking deep inside and getting to know ourselves will strengthen our life lines to everything we connect with.





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